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Friday, February 02, 2007

Git along, little bloggie

Like many other formerly satisfied (except for the occasional blackout periods) blogspotters, I'm finding things steadily less comfortable in this venue. The old blogger doesn't let me tag my posts, too many html tags aren't recognized, and the upcoming regime smells buggy and intrusive, at first sniff anyway.

I have moved copies of all my posts over to http://www.tinselwing.wordpress.com.

That's where I'll be posting in the near future. Some things - like the blogroll and the majority of the graphics - failed to make the transition. And I haven't played with the themes at all. So it'll look kind of rough and unfinished til I get the hang of the new digs, for which I humbly beg the indulgence of all two and a half of my readers.

"Life is change. How it differs from the rocks." As Grace and Marty and Jorma used to put it.


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