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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bush's ponder heart


In his cowboy boots and Santa hat, Bush promised us all first row tickets to the premiere of his New Way Forward before Christmas. Then he changed his mind. It'll be sometime after the first of the year. Because although presidenting is hard, wouldn't you know it? Deciderating is even harder.

And stalling for two whole years, dragging the armed forces down into utter decomposition, just so that his successor will take part of the blame for his own titanic mistakes - that's going to be hardest of all. Even though the press, the remorseful yet somehow unrepentant flock of liberal hawks, the Wise Men of the Baker-Hamilton commission (none of whom, oddly, were wise enough to advise against the Excellent Baghdad Adventure before it started), and the Pottery Barn centrists ("You break it, you own it. And that means you've got to stay until you've broken every last Hummel figurine in the shop") will all join hands to help him stall.

So we shall be treated to the spectacle of George W. Bush "thinking". Which is to say, diving so deep into his own gut, the place he has always assured us is the sole source of all his thoughts, that he'll need a bathysphere for the journey. And then we'll all need a firehouse crew to hose down the smell of the prize with which he emerges from the depths.

[Cartoon by Nick Anderson, Washington Post]


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