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Monday, November 06, 2006

Just-in-time Justice

Everyone knows, though the "liberal media" have politely avoided mentioning it, that the Iraqi judicial panel sentenced Saddam to death on Guy Fawkes Day, because hanging was the sentence, and two days before the American election was the date, in the orders they received from their puppet masters in Washington. (The sentence is no doubt richly deserved, at least in Saddam's case. But the "coincidence" here lies not in the timing, but in the fact that the result of the show trial happens to match what a real trial would have determined.)

There should have been no lingering doubts on that score, since the panel postponed its announcement for over a month, and then postponed it again, saying they had not yet finished their deliberations. Yet despite being still at an impasse a couple of months beyond their deadline, somehow they were able to proclaim with confidence, several weeks in advance, the exact date on which they would be ready.

And, lo! Even so it came to pass. Norman Vincent Peale himself could scarcely produce a finer exhibit of the miraculous power of positive thinking.

The Bushbots naturally scoff at the notion anything but coincidence could be involved. The spectacle these stagehands present, sweeping their arms through the air above the Iraqi judiciary to declare, "See? No strings!", while ignoring the Rumsfeldian wrists which extrude from said judiciary's posteriors, provides some small amusement, I suppose. But now it appears the obedient little jurists couldn't roll all the lumps out of their cookie cutter justice quite on demand. So today Josh Marshall administers the coup de grace to the coincidence theory:

Saddam was sentenced yesterday. But we do not know exactly what for. The judges met their deadline for the sentence of death; but the bill of particulars, the actual verdict, will not be released for some days to come.

The protectors of the rule of law in the White House rise as one to shriek with the Queen of Hearts:
"Sentence first! Verdict afterwards!"

[graphic credit to beepbeepitsme]


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