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Thursday, October 19, 2006

How Joe can he go?

Apprently it takes a weasel to know a weasel. atrios passes on the word from a reader who listens to Rush Limbaugh so we don't have to:
According to reader b, Limbaugh just said that Lieberman is "seething inside" and has "payback in mind" for the Democrats if he wins.
Lieberman obtained the primary endorsements of every big Dem name, by swearing to them that if he lost the primary, he wouldn't make an independent run.

Right after losing the primary, he promised that he will caucus with Democrats if the independent run he promised not to make wins back his Senate seat. Until earlier this week, when he said, essentially, "Unless they try to strip my seniority."

So they'll give him the seniority he threw away. And the sun, and the moon, and a star or two. And he won't even have to break his promise this time around. "Yes, I said I'd caucus with Democrats. But I didn't say for how many minutes."

There's a better deal for Democrats than this. And his name is Ned.


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