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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Diebold Hackuvote TS

Princeton, once home to sublime interactions between Kurt Goedel and Albert Einstein, keeps on keeping on. Most recently, they issued a report on the craptastic "Diebold Accuvote TS". That's TS as in: "You thought we were going to count your vote? Tough Shit, Eliot."

Visit their site. Watch the video. Yes, you too can insert your Trojan into one of these machines and make the vote come out any way you like. It takes less than a minute alone with the machine. (If you don't have a key, no problem: the lock is a cinch to pick.) And since it can install itself on the resident memory card, and the card is transferable between machines, infecting one machine is equivalent to infecting as many as you like.

The virus Princeton wrote cleans up neatly after itself. Not a trace of any kind is left to indicate that the votes were jiggered.

Watch the movie. Pass it around to your friends. Every American should know how perfectly designed these achingly expensive machines are to assist the election criminal in the squashing of democracy. If you live in Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, - heck, just about anywhere - duplicate copies and mail them to your state legislators. They've been wined and dined and reassured that these beauties are the derniere cri in perfection. And 90% of them swallowed the bait, the hook, the sinker, the line, the pole, and the angler.


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