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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Eight straight days without a television, a net connection, or a newspaper has left me feeling dazed and confused. You mean the all-purpose bogeyman Zarqawi actually existed in the first place? Karl Rove is not going to be Fitzed after all? The HPV vaccine was approved without a murmur? The attempt to wrongfoot Ahmedinejad led to a rightfooting? The GOP surprised everybody by winning a by-election in Cunningham's massively Republican district? The Iraqi government-in-exile in Baghdad actually finished naming a cabinet?

My head is whirling. How did I ever manage to keep drinking from this firehose?

I'm sure I'll be oriented in a day or two.

Meanwhile, my lifetime total of redwinged blackbirds identified rose by a factor of fifty in one week. That's got to count for something. What do you mean, it's cheating if you do it by going to Iowa?

I'll say only this about Zarqawi. His passing is (sadly temporary) good news for Iraq. But it's likely to be bad news for the occupation. And both for the same reason: it will tend to return the energies of the insurgents from sectarian killing to attacking soldiers and cops. Wahabbist intolerance had been helping the new governmnent by giving the insurgency a bad name; now the "coalition forces" are going to have to win their propaganda victories inch by bloody inch.


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