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Monday, April 24, 2006

In which nicteis exposes himself

Since the creation of this blog more or less fell upon me out of the blue, it's taken me a little while to finish considering whether I wanted to be anonymous, or permit my real life self to associate with the likes of nicteis and Pickle Lips Now.

My conclusion: there's no point in anonymity. It's too easily breached, it would inhibit nicteis from puffing stuff that "I" have done. And the place is unlikely to draw the attention of anyone but (1) friends I've directed here or, in the worst case, (2) the keepers of the Black Iron Prison, who have their own sinister methods of extracting information anyway.

So I'll say this once, and not worry about whether it comes up again. IRL I'm Royce (last name and only known web photo, concealed among assorted colleagues, to be found on Stargirl's page.) MWM, two kids, one grandkid and one on the way. An unrepentant liberal since '62 or so; an unrepentant though intermittently penitent born again Christian since '72; ancient majors in math and philosophy. Currently employed as a computer geek at MIT, where I have the privilege of working alongside dedicated real live astrophysicist and engineer types who are
  • Smarter than I am and
  • Like MIT, not responsible for any opinions expressed herein.
What demographics have I left uncovered? Oh, yeah - classwise, I've looked at life from both sides now, having spent at least ten years in both the bottom and the top income quintiles.

On the Internets, I've posted extensively on Usenet under my own name, mainly on Bible groups (the central obsessions were exposing Christian Identity proselytizers, arguing for gay rights, against five point Calvinism, and for a radical re-examination of atonement); here and there under my Salon moniker of pt bridgeport; and under my own name as a top 1000 Amazon reviewer.

Should I ever get around to creating a personal home page, or a personal blog, I'll link it once here. Otherwise, that's about enough about me.


  • Nice to make your acquaintance, Mr. No Longer Qute So Anonymous. Um, I'm already something of a known quantity out here in cyberspace. Whether to expose the fact that you and I are acquainted (or share anything other than first and last initials) we'll leave to the underemployed spooks who are tasked to analyse all Web content in search of Shady Characters.

    By Blogger Over The Left Shoulder, at 7:08 AM  

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