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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hammer's down

Through that notoriously wild-eyed liberal, the Hammer's dear friend Chris Matthews, Tom DeLay yesterday leaked the announcement that today he would announce his withdrawal from the 22nd district race.

After performing pirouettes like every other actual liberal in the country, a dance even more of pure relief for our corruption-battered nation than of schadenfruede, I confess I started to feel a little ashamed. Was this any way to hold up the banner of my alternate persona, Pickle Lips Now? Surely this glass is nine tenths empty somehow?

Well, no. The glass is three fourths full. Pickle Lips is going to have to content himself with the following worry: will DeLay set a bad example? What if Katherine Harris (R-FL) and Kent Conrad (Grifter-ND) should be moved to stop, consider their real chances, and withdraw in time for the GOP to field replacements? But even PLN has to concede that both possibilities are remote.


  • The glass is neither full nor empty. There is no glass. It's all done with smoke and mirrors. There is no mirror. This is a smoke-free establishment.

    By Blogger Over The Left Shoulder, at 8:40 AM  

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